Experts in asset tagging

photo of a white asset tag label with barcode

Welcome to our Asset Tags site. Every business needs a way to keep track of its supplies and inventory in order to track where valuables are, to protect against theft, and to know configurations, age and specifications of equipment. Our security tags are the perfect tool to perform all of these functions and more.

An asset tag is a sticker that can be affixed to any object for the purpose of ID and tracking the object at all times. These labels are constructed out of a number of materials including metal, plastic, and paper and can be customised to meet the needs and desires of a particular company.

Adhesives used are usually very strong, so that removal and replacement is very difficult. This helps reduce the temptation for an unscrupulous individual to steal or deface them.

Custom printed tags

Depending on the level of security that a company needs, they can be customised in a number of ways. For example, manufacturers can vary the bonding strength of the glue and the composition to make removal difficult in order to deter theft.

Coupled with a powerful database or catalogue that records the information printed, these devices are an invaluable tool in maintaining inventories, protecting assets and keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Inventory control and auditing

Each year hundreds of millions of pounds are lost due to poor control over inventory. Whether through theft, clerical errors or mishandling - assets and other valuable commodities are easily lost, raising operating expenses and making a negative impact on the bottom line and possible leaking confidential data and information.

As a result, keeping track of inventories and deterring theft remain paramount in having a well-run and efficient business that is well equipped to handle today's fast-paced, global business demands. Easy to use and cost effective to implement, equipment tags represent the first and most powerful line of defence in asset and inventory protection.

Protection through correct application

Asset protection is one of the most important factors in operating a successful business.

As with all security devices, the devil's in the detail. It is critical that important preparation is required to make sure it has bonded well with the surface which they are applied too and such practices as cleaning with an alcohol wipe and making sure that the surface is contaminant-free, greatly enhances the strength and security.

Failing to do this reduces the effectiveness and can result in the tag falling off or getting removed by accident or regular use.

By implementing the proper use of asset marking tags, companies can help to better manage inventories and to guard against theft, both of which can help the company to concentrate of its business, rather than worrying about loss and threats that may undermine their business.

Tag Buying Advice

Always make sure that you are buying a quality material. Some suppliers use very cheap materials that potentially can fall off or can get defaced after a short period of time. Cheap may cost you money in the long term, especially if you have to re-tag existing equipment.

Preparation of the surface is very important. Contamination of the surface, such as oil, grease, dust and other contaminates can adversely affect adhesion. If you are applying to low-surface energy surfaces make sure that they work, prior to purchasing!

Databases and software may require a scanner to enter data quickly and without error. Ask the manufacturer if they can supply a suitable scanner and if they have any software for you to use or test. Some professional software can cost thousands of pounds, where a text file or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet would suffice and is free.